Spring News Letter 2019

Spring News Letter 2019

Well, spring has arrived! Isn’t beautiful to see the flowers, new leaves and other changes in nature? A few months ago, I decided to buy a puzzle featuring a collection of pictures of animals of Africa put together by Charlotte Firbank-King. However, I never realized how big the puzzle really was….It took me days of frustration and many weeks to get all 1500 pieces in the right places. At some stage I realized that my Big Puzzle here in Pretoria was of course still very, very small compared to the Puzzle of Life, that is: God’s Creation. Indeed, in reflecting on his own life, the famous physicist Isaac Newton – who was able to understand and write down the laws of gravitation – once said: “I just went to the beach and played with a few pebbles”… Looking at the smallest in matter and looking at the wonders and the incalculable greatness of the universe, I am sure you and me can only wonder as to exactly what laws and relevant formulae are holding it all together.

Every day I looked at my puzzle, I became strangely aware, that, just like my puzzle was not yet finished, so God’s Creation is also not yet finished. Jesus came into the picture 2000 years ago to show us what God is really like: God is Love and Grace. He gave His own life for us and at that point we all became a part of his Picture, for sure! Each one of us has a role to play, no matter how big or small.


Indeed, love is the source of our enthusiasm, optimism and creativity. Yes, there are still many more people to be born, and yes, there are still many more things to find out and laws to understand. I remember that whenever I was able to finish one of the 80(!) animals in my puzzle, I became so excited noticing how the pieces all fitted together enabling me to see all the details… Then I thought: that is how it is in the Big Puzzle of Life: sometimes we get a glimpse of the part that we all played in God’s Creation and how we fit into the big picture. As the apostle Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 13:12: ‘For now we see only [a reflection] as in a mirror [dimly], but then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known’.

On one occasion, when we visited the safe home for children in Nelmapius (Pretoria) that Heart for Children is  supporting, I was moved to tears by the love of the children shown to us after we had brought each child a ‘lucky’ packet. I felt privileged that we are able to help Jochi there with a steady income now for her home. 

God is doing His work in all 21 homes sponsored by you in South Africa and the Netherlands through Heart for Children! Many thanks to each one of you for being a piece in the Big Puzzle of Life.

Heart for Children cares for the environment

Heart for Children cares for the environment

We are very excited about a new project that we have embarked on. As we care about the senseless use of plastic bags (mainly to buy groceries and then throw away!), we have started making durable and pretty material bags. You are welcome to order bags from us for R50 per bag (which will cover postage). Fifty percent of the proceeds of the bags will go to Heart for Children’s fund.

King’s Children Home

I am sure you remember that last year our Heart for Children foundation received R10000 from the My Most Beautiful competition which was used to start helping the King’s Children Home near East London with a monthly donation of R6000 for baby food and nappies and other supplies.

Thank you!

This year we again ask for the help from MyMostBeautiful, namely for the Rehoboth children’s village near Port Shepstone. They take care of about 80 children of which 75% are HIV positive. These are usually the type of children that nobody really wants, not even for adoption…. I hope you understand why we want to help them?

Five of the 16 homes are sponsored every month by Heart for Children in the Netherlands. Heart for Children (South Africa) is also considering sponsoring one of their homes in the future, if our finances will permit this.

For immediate help:
1) we noticed that they need new fridges and washing machines as the ones they now have are very old and worn.
Perhaps for later:
2) we noticed that they have a good source of spa water and they already started a bottling company (make: ‘Flourish’ spring water). The young adults that grew up in the village are at work in this plant and it provides the village with some real income to keep them going. However, many of the customers are requesting sparkling water as well, and so, to expand their operation, they need a carbonizing plant to be able to also provide the sparkling spa ‘red’
To help us help the Rehoboth Children’s village we ask you to consider making an (extra?) donation to Heart for Children with the mention of the word: Rehoboth, together with your surname in the reference line.