We have reported previously that we are requesting donations for the procurement of washing machines and fridges for Rehoboth Children’s Home (RCH) near Port Shepstone, They take care of about 80 children of which 75% are HIV positive. These are usually the type of children that nobody really wants, not even for adoption….. RCH have reported that all their appliances are old and worn out. Thus far we have received donations and pledges of about R20 000. Although this will go along way, we need at least another R5 000. Your generous donations will assist greatly. We have planned a visit to RCH during the first week of September and would love to give them R25 000 for this purpose. If you donate, please indicate Rehoboth in the reference line as well as your name and surname. Our bank details are: Heart for Children, FNB Cheque acc. no 6221 5969 116 (code 250655).

Interesting article on inter-country adoption

In 2005, there were almost 46,000 inter-country adoptions globally. But just 10 years later, international adoptions had dropped 72% to 12,000 in total. Behind this decline are political and economic factors, fear of trafficking, cultural concerns, allegations of forced adoptions, and an extremely powerful anti-adoption lobby. But, in an environment where increased vigilance and regulation can often prevent abuses, are those punting for a complete end to inter-country adoptions guilty of “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”? In South Africa, this seems to be the case. Read more on https://www.msn.com/en-za/lifestyle/parenting/the-worldwide-war-on-adoption