I am sure you remember that last year our Heart for Children foundation received R10000 from the My Most Beautiful competition which was used to start helping the King’s Children Home near East London with a monthly donation of R6000 for baby food and nappies and other supplies.

Thank you!

This year we again ask for the help from MyMostBeautiful, namely for the Rehoboth children’s village near Port Shepstone. They take care of about 80 children of which 75% are HIV positive. These are usually the type of children that nobody really wants, not even for adoption…. I hope you understand why we want to help them?

Five of the 16 homes are sponsored every month by Heart for Children in the Netherlands. Heart for Children (South Africa) is also considering sponsoring one of their homes in the future, if our finances will permit this.

For immediate help:
1) we noticed that they need new fridges and washing machines as the ones they now have are very old and worn.
Perhaps for later:
2) we noticed that they have a good source of spa water and they already started a bottling company (make: ‘Flourish’ spring water). The young adults that grew up in the village are at work in this plant and it provides the village with some real income to keep them going. However, many of the customers are requesting sparkling water as well, and so, to expand their operation, they need a carbonizing plant to be able to also provide the sparkling spa ‘red’
To help us help the Rehoboth Children’s village we ask you to consider making an (extra?) donation to Heart for Children with the mention of the word: Rehoboth, together with your surname in the reference line.