We are very excited about the addition of “Share Tears and Grow” to the homes that HfC are supporting. “Share Tears and Grow” is a place of safety situated in Nellmapius, Pretoria. The place of safety was established by Jochie, a wonderful woman with a heart for abandoned children. The history of the children placed in the care of Jochie, touches one’s heart. Most of the children have been placed at “Share Tears and Grow” since them being babies or toddlers. One of the children currently in Jochie’s care, was found under a bush when the child was only one day old. Another boy was brought to the house when he was a toddler, the mother indicated that she could not look after the child, whereafter she simply left. One little girl has special needs and goes to a special school. Apart from receiving social grants for some of the children and limited support from HCC, Jochie is supporting the children at her own expense. With the support of HfC, the house will be able to meet some of the financial expenditure for the children.

HfC will not be able to support places such as Share Tears and Grow without the support of donors. Your support is desperately needed.