We have asked our beneficiaries if perhaps they could give us some feedback about some of the children that were placed in their care and that in the meantime have left the nest, so to speak. We received our first feedback from Alfonse and Yvonne van Galen from the Rehoboth Children’s Village in Port Shepstone.

Yvonne writes:

Hi Henry and Annette,

We have several children who are now independent. Heart for Children houses have sheltered young kids until now and those who are independent had just flown out when Heart for Children also started supporting the city house. But we can give an update on a few kids. Some have chosen to have little to no contact with us, others keep us informed monthly.

2 young ladies now work regularly at Rehoboth, one as caregiver to the babies and one with woodwork restoration (see photo at the begin of this newsletter). Another young man now works on a nearby estate. These ladies rent a room next to each other in Murchison and the young man lives with an uncle. He is now training hard to run the Comrades in August. See photos far below

Our first child from Rehoboth is also renting a room and after Barista training, he worked in a restaurant for a while. Now that the high season has ended, he is working at a large macadamia farmer where he has learned about the nut cracking machines and is involved with supervision.


One lady works in a law firm and studies in the evenings to continue with law. Another young lady is now doing 2nd year patisserie training after 1 year chef training in Johannesburg. After her education is finished, she hopes to go abroad which has always been her dream.

And another young lady has part time cleaning work. She is our first lady who is pregnant and expecting her child in September. Unfortunately it seems the father is not willing to be part of the upbringing. Another young man has been working at KFC for years now and rents a room and rides a bike to work every day.

I have a few photos of those who found work. See attached.



(Yvonne and Alfonse are in the first picture below)

Many thanks for your ongoing support to Heart for Children!!!

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Wishing you God’s richest blessings!


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