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Thanks to our partners and donors, the children will  get security and love and hope for their future.

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For the Children

Hart voor Kinderen – Nederland
This is our parent and sister organization in Holland, having exactly the same mission and vision.

Home from Home – Cape Town, South-Africa
This organisation co-ordinates activities to find and screen foster mothers particularly to the needs of the orphans and gives long term support for the foster families.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries SA – Silverton, South-Africa
A partner organization that provides logistical support to Heart for Children.

Victory4all Projects Reaching out to children and their families in need.

Protean Publishing – Donating Design, Production and Management of  websites.

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From Our Principal

The foster mothers play a crucial role in this project. They have to be the role model of the real mother in the lives of these children. They will meet regularly with the staff of our partner organisations where they can share knowledge and encourage one another. They will be supported by health- and childcare professionals who will assist them with any family problems. Many of these mothers will also need to be trained to handle HIV positive children. Heart for Children has partnered with the Medical Knowledge Institute, SA Cares for Life and Home from Home to provide them with information about HIV Aids, hygiene, and other health issues.

– Annette –





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